Landscaping Design and Construction

LeapFrog works with our clients to develop landscaping designs that makes the most of your outdoor spaces. We are inspired by nature and integrate natural features already present as often as we can. If we’re starting with a blank, fully excavated site, we create designs that bring out the natural beauty of our northwest environment.

LeapFrog Landscaping only uses organic products and cultural methods in our building our landscape designs.

It doesn’t matter if you have just one feature you’d like to incorporate into your existing yard or if you’re starting from a blank slate with new home construction, LeapFrog has the ability to create and install landscaping designs and features that work with nature and your budget.

We love taking care of the landscaping we build and the features we install. If you are interested in an Estate Landscape Management Plan, please visit our Landscape Maintenance Page.

  • Site Preparation – We do both excavation and demo work for new and existing spaces.
  • Pavers/Hardscaping – Patios and paths transform your outdoor space.
  • Rockeries/Rock placement – Whether it’s a natural rock wall or a single large boulder, each piece is used to its maximum advantage.
  • Water Features – Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds add a sense of calm and character to your yard.
  • Lighting – Illuminate your landscape features or light up a walkway. Outdoor lighting can be both decorative and functional.
  • Walls – Walls are the perfect solution for a sloped yard. They can work to divide a space and hold erosion in check.
  • Irrigation – Proper drainage and runoff need to be considered before installing a sprinkler system.
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